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Voice solutions for companies and individuals

We are a new Voice Business based in Sao Paulo that believes in the power of voice-centered experiences. Our name comes from the Brazilian Tupi-Guarani folklore.


Iara is a mermaid who lives in the waters of the Amazon River. When she sees a man in the forest, she starts singing to charm him. Once under Iara's spell, the man drops anything to live with her underwater forever.


We are a family owned and operated business.


Let us captivate you.


Alexa is available for free as an app on your phone:


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Through our skills you can experience the immersion and quality of what we do.

We understand that a new technology demands a new way of thinking. We do not seek to reproduce old applications in new media. We look for new ways to experience technology.

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We can advise you or your company to get your presence in the voice ecosystem.


We support the entire construction process until publication and monitoring of indicators and improvement of the voice product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a service run by Amazon. It provides a range of information and functionality that can be accessed by voice using natural language. You can set an alarm, turn on a lamp, listen to music and even access your favorite recipes or information from your favorite news sources. Also within this service it is possible to create unique experiences to engage users through conversations. These experiences are called Skills. Today, the Alexa service already has more than 150,000 skills, 1,500 of which are in Portuguese. The Alexa service can be accessed through smart speakers (Echo line devices) or through the mobile app, for Android and iOS.

How does Alexa Work?

To use Alexa you simply start by using the wake word "Alexa", followed by the desired instruction. "Alexa, what time is it" signals to her to tell her the time. To Access experiences built by companies for Alexa, you use the invocation phrase. An example is the phrase "Let's take care". It gives you access toexperience created by the company Johnson & Johnsonto communicate with your customers. Likewise, when you're thinking about an experience for your customers, you should start by thinking about how they're going to find that experience. It is not necessary to install the experiments, the way you run it with mobile applications or computer programs. All are automatically available to all Alexa service users.

Should I use Alexa or Google Assistant for my project?

In addition to Alexa, other voice services also stand out in Brazil. Google Assistant offered by Google, Bixby offered by Samsung and Siri offered by Apple. Each voice service has a specific application. The experiences found on Alexa stand out for their high user engagement and personalization in the interaction. Applications in Google Assistant have a more transactional character and due to the large presence of this assistant on cell phones, they are not intended for use "on the move". Some examples are service bots, and transactions for purchasing products and services. Samsung Bixby is present in the line of home appliances and Siri is mostly used to perform functions present in mobile applications through voice-activated shortcuts.

How long does it take to carry out a project for a voice experience?

Our agile delivery methodology allows you to publish your experience 6-8 weeks after hiring. However, we believe that a voice project should be seen as an ongoing commitment to create a channel of contact with your  clients through conversational interfaces. 

What indicators do I use to measure my voice experience?

A voice experience is uniquely measured. Some indicators that are critical to success include (1) How long the user remains engaged with the experience (2) The number of times the user requests the experience for the voice service (3) What is the user retention rate after one week (how many return to use the experience again) (4) Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the actions that the user performs within the voice experience (eg.

Is it possible to make sales through Alexa? What is the best use case right now?

Voice experiences have been consolidated as a different and exclusive way to establish deep contact with customers. Because they have an emotional appeal, these experiences are able to move customers with a narrative in a way that no other medium can. The experiences that stand out the most on the platform are those that present awell-crafted engagement skillsis thatinspire a lot of recurrenceof use and are addressed to abroad audience.

Is it possible to ask Alexa questions and get sponsored answers related to my product/brand?

The space dedicated to the creation of experiences made by independent developers (ie experiences that are not developed by Amazon itself) is accessed using an invocation phrase. see more detailshere.

Users use the invocation phrase to get in touch with your experience. By saying this sentence, the service understands that it is a customized experience and then loads it for the user. It is not possible to pay for Alexa to recommend or present third-party products and services. 

How do I publicize my voice experience?

Once you've envisioned and created a voice experience, it's time to let voice assistant users know that your experience is available. A campaign to publicize a voice experience can include several approaches that include (1) Publicity in the company's digital channels (2) Publicity in the Company's Social Networks (Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook) (3) Outreach strategy with Influencers (4) Publicity in conjunction with the voice service platforms themselves (Google and Amazon) (5) Alexa device award campaigns (6) Ads on streaming platforms (Spotify, Deezer) (7) Press Releases._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Has your question not been answered?Get in touch with us and we will be happy to respond.


We can advise you or your company to get your presence in the voice ecosystem.


We support the entire construction process until publication and monitoring of indicators and improvement of the voice product.

Thanks! ❤️

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