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Live different adventures as different characters!

You are the one who has full control in Choose Your Adventure!


Choose your Adventure is ainteractive voice experiencethat you can access through Alexa where you will find a new journey in each of the episodes. 

Whether it's getting a drunk safely home with a werewolf on the prowl, escaping a dungeon full of guards in a medieval fantasy world, or even a real-world date.We have in our catalog the ideal adventure for you!Take a look! 

The rule is simple, you will always have two paths to follow, one that leads to the continuation of the story and the other that leads to a premature ending. Choose Your Adventure can be just an adventure, ora game of life and death. Use wisdom in your decisions. 

Every month we release two episodes, week yes, week no. To stay tuned and not miss the releases, sign up in the form below. 

In addition to letting you know when news arrives, we send you recommendations for already-released episodes that you might love to venture into!  

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What are you waiting for to start your journey?Join our community of adventurersright now and be surprised just like the players who already knew the skill.

By transforming into a Premium Adventurer and stayingFREE OF ADS!

For just $5.00 per month, you have uninterrupted access to our entire catalog. 
In addition to this advantage, you also help Choose Your Adventure to bring new episodes per month, withan even higher quality to bring you a greater immersion. 

The first ten subscribers will be part of ourbest friends on instagram(@escolhasuaaventura) where you can have access to the backstage, in addition to giving us your opinion on the next episodes and features, and alsocompete for exclusive promotions

Still have doubts? How about testing the possibilities of a Premium Adventurer? Just sign up right now to getaccess to all the benefits for a month, free of charge!If you don't like it, you can cancel at any time, without complications, just contact us and that's it.

If you cannot contribute financially, you can help us a lot by leaving your review on our Amazon page, just click on the button below to leave your opinion:

And of course, recommend Choose Your Adventure to a friend who might like it! Just tell him to approach your voice device or open the Alexa app on your computer or phone and say: 


To start a new journey!
It's time for new adventures, adventurer!


  • When registering as a Premium Adventurer, use exactly theSAME EMAIL THAT REGISTERED YOUR ALEXA.

  • When you become a Premium Adventurer, we will charge a monthly amount to your credit card.

  • You'll gain Premium access within 24 hours, you don't have to do anything, just wait, when everything is right, we'll send you an email confirming the release of your benefits.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time, just contact our team through this website with the subject: Cancelação. 

  • With the end of the free month, remember to cancel your subscription if you don't want to continue using the benefits. If you do not cancel, your card will be charged again. 

  • Subscription can only be done via credit card.

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