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Our skill portfolio includes from games to apps and collaboration on other studios work.

We have know-how in Alexa games on topics such as Leaderboards, Savegames , Game Engines, Storytelling  and Conversation Desing


On company skills we have developed knowledge to use databases, multimodal communication, devices with screen (Alexa Presentation Language), Out-App Purchase, Email, SMS and Whatsapp integration. We also have the knowledge to connect your skill to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Digital Iara

Projects Conceived and Developed by Iara Digital


Project: Creation of a question-and-answer database to deepen the public's knowledge of the company's products. Access the applicationhere.

Journeys: Questions and Answers, Voice-Commerce

Press Coverage: 

Client Escape60Client: Claim Here

Client: Profarma

Client: DPSP

Client: RBS Group

Client: Natura

Client: Sodexo

Client: Piracanjuba

Client: Radio Mix

Client: RecordTV

Client: Vale

Client: Universal

Digital Iara for Agencies

Projects in which Iara Digital supports Agencies in the delivery of the Voice Application


Client: Google

Client: Iveco

Client: Rock in Rio

Client: Marie Claire

Client: Bayer

Client: Hotmart

Client: Procter & Gamble

Client: FCA - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Client: Domino's Pizza

Projects as a Developer

In addition to owning his own agency, João Paulo works as a freelance developer for other agencies. These projects were delivered with the scope of development only

Aware: AMD Microchips

Client: Nutrien

Client: Itaú

Client: Sabin Lab

.Client: Ambev
Client: Disney

Client: Lojas Americanas

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