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Our skill portfolio includes from games to apps and collaboration on other studios work.

We have know-how in Alexa games on topics such as Leaderboards, Savegames , Game Engines, Storytelling  and Conversation Desing


On company skills we have developed knowledge to use databases, multimodal communication, devices with screen (Alexa Presentation Language), Out-App Purchase, Email, SMS and Whatsapp integration. We also have the knowledge to connect your skill to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Voice Games

The best way to experience the world of voice is through playing games. Without the visual content in the day, voice can be much more immersive. Please see below some of our main projects and click on the links to get details. Some of the games are published by other agencies, and we collaborated on specific features.



Companies and Brands

Companies and brands are searching for voice services to amplify their client reach, deliver unique experiences and to be side-by-side the customer on critical day-to-day decisions such as impulse shopping. Another great potential for voice is Customer Service.



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